Our Projects

Take a look at some of the projects we've been working on.

´╗┐Environmental Monitoring System for a Geological Survey

Sun Spiral are working on a data management, visualization and modelling project for a European geological survey. We are designing and implementing an integrated system connected to an environmental monitoring array. The project has regional environmental importance with outcomes for science, policy, regulators and the community.

Product Management Role in Collaborative Software Project

Sun Spiral are fulfilling a product management and marketing role for a new software product aimed at the environmental and construction industries. We are acting as collaborative innovation partners, with a substantial equity stake in the project.

Strategic Planning and Performance Metrics for a Charity

Sun Spiral worked with a social issues charity in the East of England to help develop strategic objectives and team performance metrics with the objective of making specific business operations more sustainable. They said:

"Your wealth of knowledge, experience and your compassionate approach to business is inspirational."

Strategic Options for Specialist Engineering Firm

Sun Spiral worked with an independent civil engineering company in the US to help them explore strategic options for the development of new products and services based on advanced numerical techniques for risk management.

"Sun Spiral provided extremely valuable insight and recommendations for conducting market research and achieving practical innovation. Highly recommend for anyone beginning to explore bringing their innovation to market. Doing so early in the process will save you a lot of time and effort!" - Jacob Grasmick, Principal at Emprise Concepts, Colorado USA

Innovation Training for Library Service Customers

Sun Spiral worked with a county library service in the East of England to help develop and implement innovation training for startups within the region.

"Overall excellent. I have done similar courses in the past and not one of them explained so clearly and concisely how having a strategy and the importance of the right type of market research (that is achievable and practical for a sole trader to undertake) is fundamental in establishing business direction and messaging." - A Happy Delegate

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